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Speech and language in CDK13-related disorder                

CRE team member Lottie Morison is a Speech Pathologist and PhD student in the Speech and Language team at MCRI. In this video, Lottie discusses our team’s recent study on 41 individuals with CDK13-related disorder.    


Selected presentations from our CRE Symposium on 9 October 2023

Please find the following selected presentations from our CRE Symposium Child speech disorders: translating cutting-edge science into clinical practice on 9 October 2023:

Prof Angela Morgan 'Introduction: Centre of Research Excellence: Translational Centre for Speech Disorders'

Prof Ingrid SchefferHow can I tell if a child is having a seizure?’

Prof David AmorWhy bother with genetics?

Ms Mariana Lauretta ’Exploring Barriers and Enablers to Genetics and Genomics in Speech Pathology Clinical Practice’

Prof Kathryn North ‘Precision medicine in child health’

Prof Michael Hildebrand ‘A new gene pathway for developmental stuttering’

Prof Adam Vogel ‘SpeechATAX: a multinational randomised controlled trial of Dysarthria’


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