How is Childhood Apraxia of Speech diagnosed?

It is important to see a speech specialist (SP) (also known as a speech and language pathologist (SLP), or speech therapist) to confirm a diagnosis of CAS. This is because CAS is a complex condition with a number of signs and associated conditions. SPs are specially trained to recognise CAS. In Australia, a GP, teacher, or other health professionals may refer you to a SP.

To diagnose CAS, a SP will get your child to do a number of ‘talking tests’. Speech and language in toddlers naturally varies a lot. Before 2-3 years of age, children with other types of speech and language conditions may share some of the early signs of CAS (e.g., slow to talk, few first words). This does not mean they all have CAS. CAS is rare, so if your SP is unsure about your child’s diagnosis, it might be best to see a SP with experience diagnosing CAS.

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